Doomed to repeat it

A very relaxed show at the Laugh Out Loud in Clayton, NC.
The trouble with audio-only is you can’t see how riveted the audience is during their periods of silence. (Once the stage lights refract in  my bifocals I can barely make them out myself. )
I wish I’d mentioned the Archduke and Sophie’s open top limo to paint a better word picture of the parade.
I wish my “Princess Bride” reference hadn’t died on the vine.

Luckily there are lots of venues, so I can tweak my word choices and delivery until I like this bit some day.

Where credit is due:

It’s true.  Paid voice actors the world over are praising Games Afoot: The Lost Games.  Here are some talented impressionists at work.

Voice by Tom Richards, USA.     Photo from wiki commons.


Voice by Rick Whelan, Ireland.       Photo from flickr commons.

Voice by Charlie Hopkinson, England.     Photo from wiki commons.


Voice by Rick Whelan, Ireland.      Photo from flickr commons.     Other photo from flickr commons.


This is just a rehearsal

I tried a little live speaking at an open mic the other night.  I had about an eight minute bit which I could cut to five minutes if necessary.  It turns out I was limited to three minutes. My on-the-fly edit was bad for my delivery – I cringe with every pause and stumble when I hear this now.  But the urge to go back and see how well I do with three well-rehearsed minutes is overwhelming.

I consider this one just a rehearsal. I wouldn’t watch it if I were you.





“Wait till they get a load of me.”

Give yourself ten points if you know the 1989 movie and the actor that said that line. Give yourself five if you don’t know. 

I am a senior computer technician who works various projects rather than a steady job these days. In between projects I’ve decided to put a few smiles and a little knowledge into the world. More important than knowledge, I also want to put out a few questions. There are entire news organizations spewing what passes for knowledge and they don’t want anyone to ever question it.

I’m hammering on a couple of manuscripts that should be available as books this year. I also want to try a few open mic gigs so I can annoy people in person. I’ll announce all that stuff here as it comes up.

My family would be quite ashamed of me futzing around in any branch of show business, so “Hoot Brooks” will have to deal with my fame. I derived this moniker by scrambling the names of Hoot Gibson, Mel Gibson, and Mel Brooks.  There was a Hoot Brooks left over, so I took it.

Give yourself twenty points if you have an inkling of who Hoot Gibson was. Give yourself a hundred points if you read this all the way through.

Remember your points for now. Perhaps later I will either give up the points shtick, or write a points-tracking app that will award you with prizes – like an autographed Twinkie or something.