Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Killin' It

I saw the shirt around often when I was stationed on the west coast in language class.
One day our instructor, who was a very nice lady from Russia, was testing us on the words for “people” and “country”.

One of my classmates volunteered a sentence in Russian, - I want to go to new countries, meet new people...

when another classmate slaps the desk in laughter and finishes the sentence with the words for and kill them!

Everyone in the class laughed. Everyone laughed except the poor instructor who didn't get that it was a joke from a t-shirt. She suddenly looked nervous to be in a room full of murderous American assholes.

I told this story at an open mic at a bar in Carborro one night. There was a burst of laughter from a table of women in the back. I went looking for them later and the bartender told me, “Oh, those German girls just left. ”

Dammit, I knew I should be touring Europe. My act would kill.


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