Saturday, September 23, 2017

This Title is Six Words Long.

So far this week:
I've written a little bit on a new project called Dead Presidents. I shared some of it with a writer's group Wednesday night.* I covered an historic piece of cheese. That and a personal story which suggests that Andrew Jackson was born in my mom's backyard.

I left the writer's group early and did stand up at an open mic in downtown Raleigh. I did my best tight five minutes, which is a bit called Gay Black Caveman. It has twenty-four punch lines and most of them land. I've been performing that same piece a lot lately lately - I am concentrating on presentation more than writing as far my stand up stuff goes right now.

Thursday I received materials to build a replica of a Star Wars DL-44 blaster.  (Han Solo's pistol). If I can make a convincing one, I want to turn out other replica weapons for sale.

Friday I picked up an idea from the Self Publishing Podcast (
that one should be able to describe what one does in six words. 


 ...I think that's almost it.

May the force be with you.

* The writer's group I mentioned: Open Mic Series at So & So Books

Saturday, 9/23/2017


bomb expert on four legs

from Hanna Liubakova @HannaLiubakova #Ukraine I am not sure if you heard about Patron. This is an amazing dog that helps with finding mines...